Who could use more gratitude in life?

Gratitude Blooming is here to help guide you through all facets of life - moments of joy, sadness, and everything in between.


What happens when you stop to notice?

Try out the Gratitude Blooming experience and infuse your day with some beauty, wisdom, and inspiration! Click one of the mystery cards below and notice what the message inspires in you.


Start your gratitude practice today with one of these great products!

Gratitude Blooming Card Deck

Hot off the press, these are the 3rd edition of our Gratitude Blooming card deck (39 unique drawings and reflection prompts for each one). Perfect to help start a personal gratitude practice.

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The Gratitude Blooming Personal Kit


  • 1 Gratitude Blooming card deck

  • 12 postcards

  • Gratitude Blooming post-it notes (50 sheets)

  • 1 blank journal

  • 1 guide for starting your gratitude practice

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Gratitude Blooming is a simple practice that can make a powerful impact on your life. Explore a few of the 39 themes including joy, possibility, curiosity, and moreā€¦