Who could use more gratitude in life?

Maybe all of us. The celebrators. The optimists. The fearful. The weary.  Ones looking for light in our hearts. 

Gratitude Blooming is here to help guide you through all facets of life - moments of joy, sadness, and everything in between.

Start your day with some beauty, wisdom, and inspiration!


Why Gratitude?

Research shows that the regular practice of gratitude can bring more joy, wellbeing, and connection to our lives and our communities.


Curious to know what scientists have to say about the benefits of gratitude? Check out this research summary published by the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley.
Read the white paper


Give the gift of gratitude to yourself and loved ones…

What happens when you stop to notice?

We created a collection of 39 gratitude themes with original artwork and mindfulness exercises to help people (like us) experience moments of peace, clarity and encouragement in their fast-paced lives.

Try out our most popular products and see what happens…


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Gratitude Blooming Card Deck
20.00 22.95

Hot off the press, these are the 3rd edition of our Gratitude Blooming card deck (39 unique drawings and reflection prompts for each one). Perfect to help start a personal gratitude practice.

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Get a deeper discount of $15/deck for orders of 10 or more! 


The Gratitude Blooming Personal Kit
35.00 40.00


  • 1 Gratitude Blooming card deck

  • 12 postcards

  • Gratitude Blooming post-it notes (50 sheets)

  • 1 blank journal

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Click on a card below and take a moment to notice what the message inspires in you.


How to get started using the cards…


1: Shuffle and pick a card with a loved one


2: Ask them to think about what the card means to them


3: If you get stuck, take a look at the reflections provided


Strengthen relationships and foster community through gratitude

The artwork in the cards combined with these gratitude practices can spark an instant connection with friends, loved ones and community. Contact us for tips on how to get started!

  • Stay in close touch with friends and loved ones through a group gratitude circle (3-6 people)

  • Use the artwork and prompts as an ice-breaker or connection exercise for your next dinner party, gathering or event (Up to 20 people)

  • For larger groups, contact us about our interactive Gratitude Garden poster kits (20+ people)