Plant a Gratitude Garden

Our Gratitude Blooming gardens are places where people can pause and share written reflections to a provocative question inspired by art and nature.  

As founding ‘farmers’, we have seen our gardens spark feelings of joy, vulnerability, and truth. We have seen them cultivate meaningful connection and dialogue that would not have happened otherwise.

Our 1st courage garden (protea with nasturtiums): What in your heart are you willing to go to battle for?

Our 1st courage garden (protea with nasturtiums): What in your heart are you willing to go to battle for?



The artwork and wisdom people leave behind bring beauty, peace and inspiration to physical spaces. 


Research shows that the regular practice of gratitude can bring more joy, wellbeing, and connection to our lives, our workplaces, and our communities.


Curious to know what scientists have to say about the benefits of gratitude? Check out this research summary published by the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley.

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Grow mindfulness and belonging in your organization with our gratitude garden kits!



Our gratitude garden kits are designed to create inviting spaces for people to contribute their seeds of gratitude and wisdom with the messages they leave behind.  

Our goal is to eliminate stress, anxiety, and loneliness in every place that a gratitude garden is planted. 



Step 1:  Planting


Order your Gratitude Garden kit for the theme of your choice.

Place the posters in high-traffic spaces that are inviting and accessible for people to take a pause to enjoy the artwork and plant their message.

Get creative with decorating your garden!  Remember, no two gardens are the same.


Step 2: Fertilizing


At a regular staff or team meeting, dedicate time for people to take a look at the messages in the garden and share what insights are emerging.

You can also use your gratitude card deck as an ice breaker or team ritual by having each person pull a card at random or choose a card that expresses a feeling or response to a question.  

Invite people to connect when the random moment strikes too!


Step 3: Pollinating


You get an assortment of postcards with each kit.

Give each person a postcard to place in their personal space for inspiration.  You can also choose to give your card to someone or plant your message in a secret spot for others to discover.


Gratitude Garden Kit


  • 1 vinyl poster (2 by 3 feet) of a theme of your choice

  • Assortment of postcards and custom post-its for visitors to share their messages of gratitude

  • 1 deck of the Gratitude Blooming cards

  • Tool kit - including a presentation to use when launching the garden with your community and instructions for setup

  • Up to 2 hours of consulting time to support implementation

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Gratitude Blooming Post-it Note Bundle

Set of 4 unique post-it note designs (50 sheets per pad).

Limited offer while supplies last! These post-it notes are designed to be used with the Gratitude Blooming Gardens.

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Gratitude Blooming Card Deck

Hot off the press, these are the 3rd edition of our Gratitude Blooming card deck (39 unique drawings and reflection prompts for each one). Perfect to help start a personal gratitude practice.

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Postcards: 3-Design Bundle (Joy, Hope & Healing)

Bundle of 30 postcards (3 sets of 10) corresponding to our #GratitudeGarden themes: Joy, Hope & Healing

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What do people love
about our gratitude practices and tools?



Planting the seeds of gratitude, one garden at the time...


Garden #1: @Telecare 

"Today, I shared @GratitudeBlooming cards with 80 program leaders. Amazing energy shift in the room as people reflected on unique cards they randomly selected. We talked about the challenge (and release) that comes from seeking gratitude around “beautiful sadness,” “impermanence,” “tenacity,” and “remembrance”. And the gentle joy that is rediscovered when considering “simplicity,” “wholeness,” and “grace”. Folks then responded individually to prompts on large posters, placing their reflections up in silence. As those assembled quietly read the statements on these “Gratitude Gardens,” an unanticipated feeling of connectedness emerged and it felt like anything was possible. The capacity and potential of those assembled was palpable — I was in awe."

- Shannon Mong, Director of Innovation Initiatives, Telecare


Garden #2: @Octopus Literary

" I attended the Gratitude event at Octopus tonight (I had the Courage card).

I wanted to commend you for coming up with the concept of the cards and for organizing the event.

It generated some really interesting and profound conversations with people who previously were strangers. Thank you."


Garden #3: @Wisdom 2.0


"Wow, the gratitude garden was my favorite thing in the Wisdom 2.0 village. I loved it!"

- Conference participant


Which themes will bloom for you?

Have a custom theme, group size or space in mind? 
Feel free to contact us for more info