Who could use more gratitude in life? Maybe all of us.
The celebrators. The optimists. The fearful. The weary. Ones looking for light in our hearts. 

We created these cards to help you start your day with a simple gratitude practice for yourself. 

Click on a card from our Gratitude Blooming deck
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What can nature teach us
about gratitude?


Gratitude Blooming is a 39-card deck inviting us to explore the beauty and wisdom of nature. The drawings and handwritten themes in this collection are intended to recreate the subtle moments of connection the artist had with the plants in her garden. We invite you to make meaning from your own interpretations of the artwork and enjoy the sweet imperfections and mysteries of life. Each drawing is accompanied by thought-provoking prompts that challenge us to release our old patterns of seeing the world and cultivate new perspectives and appreciation of the beauty that is often already present in the ordinary moments of our lives.

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hear the voices from our community

listening is an act of love...


It brings great joy to be at a place in my life where nothing controls me; not people, places or things.

My practice of "non-attachment" is a guiding element that strengthens me from within, a great resource that help prioritize what is important in my life, and a force of nature, that delivers me ever so gently into the present moment.

For with this, my heart blooms in gratitude.



Everyone probably has left a meeting and all of a sudden knew every best response they "should" have given, and I have a few of those in my head, but I am being mindful and recognizing the "shoulds" and then sending them floating away.

I'm not dwelling and ruminating, which is what normally I would be doing for days, replaying and focusing on what I did "wrong".

I think it is everybody's wisdom and strength in this community. I carry you all with me now as my tribe. You were the encouraging voices I heard in my head when I headed into the room.

I do feel strong!