Who is Project Purpose?

Belinda Liu and Stephanie Ervin form Project Purpose, a team of coaches and leaders of purpose-driven organizations who are here to support you to do the inner and outer work to support the fullest expression of your purpose.

We have been doing this work for ourselves and our clients collectively for over 40 years.


Interested in bringing the Lead on Purpose Learning Series to your community or workplace? 



Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”
― Harriet Tubman


What we offer?

Experiential learning sessions that are customized to use reflection and inquiry as tools for continuous improvement.  We create a welcoming space that encourages the wisdom of the collective to be shared and celebrated. We will cover the following content:

1: Setting your vision, values and priorities for living and leading on purpose (4-6 hours)

We will develop vision maps to inspire and ground us in our purpose. We will explore how to take action in ways that are aligned with our purpose and how we can use awareness and self-compassion when we encounter obstacles on the journey.  


2: Identifying and responding to obstacles (4-6 hours)

We will focus on developing the capacity and courage to respond to obstacles that inevitably arise when we are doing work that is in deep alignment with our values. We will release the blockages that no longer serve us and reconnect with our past, present and future selves!  


3: Aligned decision-making anchored in your core values (4-6 hours)

We will focus on how to make daily decisions and take action that is reflective of our purpose vision and values, which means saying “no”, so that we can say “yes” to what is essential and aligned with our purpose.


4: Designing and prioritizing your life on purpose (4-6 hours)

Design your life on purpose where you make intentional daily choices about your time, energy and resources in order to make an exponential impact on your work.

Interested in bringing Project Purpose to your community or workplace?  




Belinda is the founder and CEO of HiveQuest, a purpose-driven company that strives to make the world a better place by offering transformative group learning experiences and inspiring tools to facilitate deep inner work.

Her mission is to create a global network of kind, joyful, purpose-driven communities where collective wisdom is celebrated and world-changing innovations are co-created.

As a former Teach For America teacher, China Fulbright Scholar, education reform leader and social entrepreneur, she is deeply embedded in diverse local and global communities. She is am often known in her circles as a "connector" and community builder. Her unique genius is forming diverse, inclusive communities where everyone has an opportunity to contribute their gifts in serving a collective purpose.

Belinda is a featured Huffington Post blogger on redefining success and using tech for human connection. She holds a Masters in International Education Policy from Harvard University.



Stephanie is a thought leader who specializes in adult learning and intuitive coaching. Over the past decade, she has founded, designed, and led strengths-based leadership pathways in large public education institutions. Her award-winning work on action research and communities of practice (CoP) has been featured in Mills College’s research publications.

Stephanie is an east bay native, born and raised in Oakland, California. Today, Stephanie supports leaders to amplify their voice and create positive work culture. She designs optimal learning environments and helps leaders operationalize their core values, so that each and every individual in their organization can thrive.

She is currently the Founder of Feathership Coaching and Consulting. Her mission is to strengthen emotional intelligence and heart-centered leadership in the world.




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