Gratitude for Groups

Gratitude is proven to increase wellbeing, resilience, collaboration, and civic engagement. Let’s work together to spread more of this goodness to teams, organizations and local communities!

As founding ‘farmers’, we have seen our tools and experiences spark feelings of joy, vulnerability, and truth. We have witnessed people slow down, see themselves and each other in a new light, and engage in dialogue that would not have happened otherwise.



Cultivate strong relationships and a deep sense of belonging with our group gratitude tools and experiences!


Gratitude Poster Gardens
to Inspire Your Space

Our Gratitude Garden Kits are designed to create welcoming spaces for groups to reflect, connect and share their wisdom with the messages they leave behind.  You are invited to take a pause and share a written reflection to a provocative question inspired by gratitude and nature.  Each seed that is planted adds beauty, peace and inspiration to the physical space.

The best part? The Gratitude Garden Kit is easy to set up and can instantly grow a culture of gratitude!

Need something else? Get in touch to create your own gratitude garden bundle. We can customize poster sizes and quantities.

Discounts available for volume purchases (4+ gardens) and nonprofit organizations.

Gratitude Garden Kit


  • 1 vinyl poster (2 by 3 feet) of a theme of your choice

  • Assortment of postcards and custom post-its for visitors to share their messages of gratitude

  • 1 deck of the Gratitude Blooming cards

  • Tool kit - including a presentation to use when launching the garden with your community and instructions for setup

  • Up to 2 hours of consulting time to support implementation

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Add additional gratitude gardens at 50% off! Includes everything listed above, minus additional consulting hours.
$250 each

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Gratitude Gardens: @Telecare 

"Today, I shared @GratitudeBlooming cards with 80 program leaders. Amazing energy shift in the room as people reflected on unique cards they randomly selected. We talked about the challenge (and release) that comes from seeking gratitude around “beautiful sadness,” “impermanence,” “tenacity,” and “remembrance”. And the gentle joy that is rediscovered when considering “simplicity,” “wholeness,” and “grace”. Folks then responded individually to prompts on large posters, placing their reflections up in silence. As those assembled quietly read the statements on these “Gratitude Gardens,” an unanticipated feeling of connectedness emerged and it felt like anything was possible. The capacity and potential of those assembled was palpable — I was in awe."

- Shannon M., Director of Innovation Initiatives

Read more about our work with Telecare here.


Gratitude Happy Hours
for Community Building

Enjoy a soul-nourishing experience filled with live music, storytelling and facilitated group connection exercises to bring you closer as a community. Our musicians will play inspirational tunes while you engage in a facilitated mix of theater, improv and storytelling around a focal gratitude theme. You will have a chance to plant your own seeds of wisdom in a Gratitude Poster Garden as a community artifact and receive a personal message from the Gratitude Blooming card deck. Your heart and soul will leave happy and replenished!

Interactive experiences for children and families also available!

This 2-hour Happy Hour Experience Includes:

  • Facilitated group connection exercises

  • Live Music

  • Storytelling

  • Gratitude Garden Kit

  • Gratitude Blooming deck for each attendee


  • $2000 for up to 30 people

  • $3500 for up to 60 people


"I attended the Gratitude Blooming Happy Hour at the Octopus tonight and drew the Courage card. I wanted to commend you for coming up with the concept of the cards and for organizing the event. It generated some really interesting and profound conversations with people who previously were strangers. Thank you."

~Mark K, Happy Hour Participant @Octopus Literary Salon


Interactive Gratitude Workshops

Engage in an interactive, practical 2-hour workshop to personally experience the power of gratitude for yourself and be empowered to share it with others.

You will leave being able to confidently speak about the science of gratitude and its benefits, to facilitate a group experience using a few key gratitude exercises and to apply concrete strategies for embedding gratitude into your culture.

Whether you are a community builder, leader, manager, or team member, this simple, yet powerful experience can be tailored to meet your needs and group context!

This 2-hour Interactive Workshop Includes:

  • Facilitated personal and group gratitude exercises

  • Strategies and a take home toolkit for sharing and facilitating these practices on your own

  • Gratitude Blooming deck for each participant

  • Planning and debrief meetings with workshop organizers


  • $3750 for up to 30 people

  • $6000 for up to 60 people


“This session was such a wonderful gift to me. It reminded me of what's most important in life. I so appreciate you. Thank you. Also LOVE all the beautiful garden resources.”

“I really needed this today, and it demonstrates how much I need it going forward.”

“Gratitude is powerful even in the smallest ways, taking time to incorporate even one strategy can make a difference.”

“I'm struck by how simplistic yet meaningful the questions can be.”

~NASPA 2019 Gratitude Workshop Participants


What’s blooming for you?

Have a custom theme, group size or experience in mind? 
Contact us and we can work together to design the ideal solution for you and your group!