The Gratitude Blooming Game

The Gratitude Blooming Game

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  • Game instructions with pre-set questions to inspire grateful conversations (including questions to ask dad on Father’s Day)

  • 1 Gratitude Blooming card deck

  • 8 postcards

  • Gratitude Blooming post-it notes (50 sheets)

  • 1 blank journal

Order by Monday, June 11, 2018 to receive in time for Father’s Day!

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Give the gift of connection to your family and friends with this game of gratitude that uses simple questions to spark conversations around family history, memories and feelings. The game is inspired by our experience watching how the Gratitude Blooming flowers open up conversations and stimulate memories or thoughts that might otherwise not arise.

What possibilities will open up when you give the ones you love a chance to slow down, reflect and share a story or thought? Perfect for Father's Day or for the recent graduate this summer!