What do our clients love about our gratitude practices and tools?


Garden #1: @Telecare 

"Today, I shared @GratitudeBlooming cards with 80 program leaders. Amazing energy shift in the room as people reflected on unique cards they randomly selected. We talked about the challenge (and release) that comes from seeking gratitude around “beautiful sadness,” “impermanence,” “tenacity,” and “remembrance”. And the gentle joy that is rediscovered when considering “simplicity,” “wholeness,” and “grace”. Folks then responded individually to prompts on large posters, placing their reflections up in silence. As those assembled quietly read the statements on these “Gratitude Gardens,” an unanticipated feeling of connectedness emerged and it felt like anything was possible. The capacity and potential of those assembled was palpable — I was in awe."

- Shannon Mong, Director of Innovation Initiatives, Telecare


" I attended the Gratitude event at Octopus tonight (I had the Courage card).

I wanted to commend you for coming up with the concept of the cards and for organizing the event.

It generated some really interesting and profound conversations with people who previously were strangers. Thank you."


Garden #3: @Wisdom 2.0


"Wow, the gratitude garden was my favorite thing in the Wisdom 2.0 village. I loved it!"

- Conference participant