We are a team of introverted artists, entrepreneurs, teachers, designers and community builders who believe that world change begins with our own inward journeys. 

We combined our strengths to create a simple experience for people to make a meaningful connection with themselves and with others: loved ones, co-workers, and even strangers on the street. 






How we incorporate the Gratitude Blooming cards into our meetings:

Each week a team member pulls a card, being mindful of the rest of the team to guide their choice. They show the card to the team and we each take a moment to reflect on what message the flower has to share and how it might connect to the work we are doing. Sometimes the card resonates with the experience of the past week. Often it offers guidance on how to approach the meeting. It helps us connect with each other at the start of each meeting, creates a space for a shared experience, and has often been quite enlightening in how it guides our process. We are grateful for these cards and the wisdom they bring!

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