Together, one flower at a time, we can create a kinder, healthier, more connected world through the powerful practice of gratitude.


Explore our cards and gratitude themes

What can nature teach us about life? The Gratitude Blooming deck is a collection of 39 cards with drawings and themes inspired by the beauty and wisdom of nature.

Each drawing is accompanied by thought-provoking prompts that invite us to release our old patterns of seeing the world and cultivate new perspectives and appreciation of the beauty that is often already present in the ordinary moments of our lives.


Our story


Our story began with two friends (a visual and a social artist) seeking more inspiration, beauty and meaning in their lives. We wanted to create a deeper connection with each other and our community around the things that truly matter in life.

Gratitude Blooming is the alchemy of the things we love— art, nature and beautiful connection. We offer it to the world as an antidote to stress, anxiety, and loneliness—the shadow sides of modern life.

How can we be more deeply connected, grounded and kind to ourselves and others at this time when many of us feel more disconnected than ever before?


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Join our community

We use Gratitude Blooming themes to create monthly in-person experiences around yoga, music, art, and nature for our local Bay Area community and online experiences for the world through our Gratitude Garden on Instagram and Gratitude Community on Facebook. We invite you to share your stories, inspiration and wisdom with us!