How can we be more connected and kind to ourselves and others at a time when many of us feel more disconnected than ever?


Art can change your relationship to the world

Our story began as two friends (a visual and social artist) seeking inspiration, beauty and meaning in our lives. We wanted to create a deeper connection with each other and our community around things that truly matter.

Gratitude Blooming is the alchemy of things we love — art, nature and connection. We offer it to the world as an antidote to stress, anxiety, loneliness and other shadow sides of modern life.


Read more about the origin of Gratitude Blooming in our Forest Bathing blog below.

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What can nature teach us about life?

The Gratitude Blooming deck is a collection of 39 cards with drawings and themes inspired by the beauty and wisdom of nature.

Each drawing is accompanied by a thought-provoking prompt that invites us to release old patterns of seeing the world and cultivate new perspectives and appreciation of the beauty that is often already present in the ordinary moments of our lives.

Today during our weekly online gratitude circle, I said to myself, “I’d really like to pull the Infinite Possibility card today.”...and then I did! I stared at it - feeling full of power and magic and in awe of the moment of such easeful manifestation. All it took was stating firmly my desire and putting heart-centered intention into it. .
The message I got from the flower was that I need to just sit with the uncertainties ahead of me, and fully believe that the possibilities will emerge. Feeling comforted by my card, the support of the other souls who shared at the gratitude circle, and all the exciting possibilities ahead! (💚Melissa) .
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Want to start a personal gratitude practice?

Bring a moment of peace, clarity and encouragement into your life. Find insight and inspiration with our nature inspired artwork and insightful reflection prompts.


Are you looking for a gratitude community to join?

We collectively practice Gratitude Blooming themes each week through our live online practice circles and our online community on Instagram and Facebook. We invite you to share your stories, inspiration and wisdom with us!

The Gratitude Blooming deck is the PERFECT gift for friends, family, and yourself. It’s a simple way to ground your day with intention, build team culture and have authentic connection during dinner gatherings.
— Jeana K, Nonprofit Leader

I try reflecting on things I’m grateful for throughout the week (I’ve never been good at morning gratitude journaling), so these cards are an awesome way to reinforce my intentions. I like that the words on the cards aren’t cheesy or fluffy–they evoke a lot of awareness and exploration into my deeper thought patterns each day, especially in noticing my reactions to words like “Sorrow”, “Discovery”, “What do you really see”.

They also make great presents!