What Happens when you stop to notice?


We are two friends (an artist and an entrepreneur) who wanted to feel more connected to each other and our friends. We wanted a way to share what was really going on in our lives, something we couldn't quite capture on our phones and through social media.

For a month, we experimented with sharing the things we felt grateful for each week with our circle of friends. We found that we all felt more peace, joy and connection. 

We combined our passions around art, nature, positive psychology and self-reflection to create the Gratitude Blooming experience, a simple way for people to take a pause and make a meaningful connection with themselves and with others- loved ones, co-workers, and even strangers on the street.  

Gratitude Blooming is our offering to the world, a set of 39 mindful reflections which guide you back to yourself and bring a moment of peace, clarity and encouragement amidst a busy, hectic day.


Gratitude can bloom
in your community

We believe we can create a kinder, healthier, more authentically connected world through the powerful practice of gratitude. 

With the Gratitude Blooming cards, you can develop a regular gratitude practice for yourself, and also share your wisdom and insights with your loved ones, your colleagues and community. The artwork and reflection prompts are good conversation starters and can help create meaningful connections at any event, gathering or meeting.


Get some inspiration from our community....


I try reflecting on things I’m grateful for throughout the week (I’ve never been good at morning gratitude journaling), so these cards are an awesome way to reinforce my intentions. I like that the words on the cards aren’t cheesy or fluffy–they evoke a lot of awareness and exploration into my deeper thought patterns each day, especially in noticing my reactions to words like “Sorrow”, “Discovery”, “What do you really see”.

They also make great presents!